In order to meet the growing number of orders coming from abroad, the exports department was created in 1988.

This department, which represents a hallmark occasion in the history of the company, adds an international element to the firm which is indispensable for future progress.

The Exports department has had outstanding results on many foreign markets, notably in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and in Germany, the Netherlands, Africa...

But however prospecting is not restricted to Europe alone.  « Les Grandes Distilleries de Charleroi » indeed export beyond the European borders and participate in international trade fairs.

In 1993, the opening of the European borders was an incentive to focus our activities to export and to the French market in particular, by way of a branch in France.

Today, the company is firmly implanted in the French market and pursues its expansion aims through the creation of a new subsidiary, G.D.C. France.  Since 1998, G.D.C. France is absorbed in the new group « Groupe Distillerie Claeyssens Wambrechies » the eldest juniver distillery of the low countries.  The current network of representatives spreads all over France and the carefully established policies implemented over the past few years has allowed Grandes Distilleries de Charleroi to gain such prestigious clients as Carrefour, Auchan, Leclerc, Monoprix...

Since 1998, G.D.C. France has been part of a new entity.  « The Group Distillerie Claeyssens – Wambrechies ».  This distillery, dating from 1817, appears to be the oldest of the Low Countries and produces a high quality jenever from Flandres et Artois, according to traditional methods.  Both the site and the production equipment were classified as a « Historical Monument » and are as such an important tourist attraction in the North of France.

Commercial agreement GDC / LOOS

In April 2000, the distillery Claeyssens of Wambrechies and the distillery Flourent of Loos concluded a strategic and commercial agreement.  The production capacity and the distribution of both distilleries are yet gathered.

The other countries of the Union have not been forgotten, however. The exports department is actively pursuing markets which are both diversified and promising (Spain, Switzerland, Great Britain, Portugal, Greece,...)

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