The history of Grandes Distilleries de Charleroi begins in 1906 when Fernand Depasse, the grandfather of the current owners, decided to set up a general foods business. Years later, the company took a more spirits-oriented path with a preference for coffee and gin.

In 1946, Fernand Depasse Jr. created Grandes Distilleries de Charleroi SA.; this was a major step forward for the company signifying progress and expansion.

In 1971, after having received training in liqueur making, the sons Pol and Philippe Depasse took over the company. The commercial and administrative management is handled by Philippe Depasse, while Pol Depasse handled the technical aspects as well as the research department.

Due in part to the acquisition of the "Distilleries Associées Belges", Grandes Distilleries de  Charleroi began, in 1976, to produce its own spirituous liqueurs for hypermarkets under the brand name of the distributors.


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