The activities of the company include everything from the elaboration, to the production, and racking as well as the distribution of brand name and distributor name products.
These activities are complemented by the "import - export" of alcohol but also includes  the importation and marketing of M.O. wines in exclusive retail outlets.
Since 1995, we have created a new department, Wines of the World specialized in wines from the New World.  At this moment, the department has several agencies in portfolio.
G.D.C. the refore is at the same time : Producer, Importer, and Distributor
The keys to success today are called flexibility and customer service. Day after day at Grandes Distilleries de Charleroi, we are working together to build an efficient company.
To better deal with the European market which is in constant mutation, we have focused our efforts on a promising sector: the distribution brands.
Both G.D.C. and its employees share their experience and dynamism, which are indispensable elements when facing new challenges.


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